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Biohazard Waste Management

Local Regulated Medical Waste Disposal & Management

Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC-North Carolina-South Carolina


Do you need Medical - Biohazard or Sharps Needle Waste Management Today?


Biohazard- Medical Waste otherwise known as clinical waste, normally refers to waste products that cannot be considered general waste, produced from healthcare premises such as hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, veterinary hospitals, labs and more.

At Local Waste Disposal we have a hands-on approach to providing, medical, clinical waste services in Maryland-Virginia-Washington D.C-North Carolina and surrounding areas on the East Coast. Our expert team works with you and your staff, every step of the way to ensure that we can meet all of your hazardous waste disposal needs and requirements.

Each client has an individual and unique situation for Regulated Medical Waste Disposal, so we consider multiple factors when providing you a hazardous waste quote. This includes your budget volume of medical waste you need to dispose of and the frequency of service needed. In addition we are dedicated to lessen your over-cost for medical waste disposal, using our economies of scale without sacrificing the quality of service or compliance.


Offering compliant, comprehensive Biohazard waste disposal services to thousands of customers every month.


We will develop and customize a service, for each client.

  • Reduce overall cost of your waste disposal service
  • Place priorities on regulatory compliance & safety
  • Educate on waste reduction practices, to reduce overall service costs
  • No long term contracts
  • Flexible service
  • OSHA training
  • Sharps container sales
  • Ebola information

Local Medical Waste Disposal & Affiliate Haulers
Serving The Needs Of Regulated Medical Waste For
 All Healthcare Facilities On The East Coast Large & Small


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