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Biohazard Waste Management


Providing Custom-  Client Driven Waste Solutions
That Combine Transport Services, Processing & Final Disposal

 Trusted By Local Healthcare Professionals Since 2001


  • No Long-Term Contracts Required
  • RMW Service Stability & Price Protection

Value Of Our Regional Affiliates & Regulated Waste Services

  • No Monthly Or Hidden Fees
  • Flexible Service Schedules
  • Licensed - Bonded - Insured



Regulated Medical Waste Transportation & Disposal Solutions

  • Affordable Full-Service Medical-Biohazard & Sharps Management
  • Straight Box Truck Service - Up To 53' Trailers
  • Smart Expert RMW Solutions
  • Enjoy Cost Reduction With Our Economies Of Scale
  • Value Added RMW Consulting Services



Minimal Environmental Impact - Sustainable Long-Term Solutions

  • Relentless Commitment For Expert Environmental Solutions
  • Sustainable Strategies - Proven Track Record - Exceptional Value 
  • Increase Awareness - Reduce Cost - Improve Practice Compliance

Expert Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Options

  • Medical Waste
  • Biohazard Waste
  • Sharps Disposal & Management
  • Trace Chemotherapeutic
  • Pathological Waste
  • Pharmacuetical Disposal
Maryland Medical Waste Quote

-EBOLA Management
-Medical Waste Disposal
-Biohazard Disposal
-Needle Disposal
-Sharps Disposal
-Biomedical Waste
-Pathological Waste

-Washington DC
-West Virginia
-North Carolina
-South Carolina

Medical Waste Removal | Biohazard Disposal | Sharps Removal | Waste Management

Looking for Local Healthcare Biohazard Waste Disposal and Sharps Removal, Affordable & Compliant Contact Us Today For Expert Hazardous Waste Solutions

Maryland-Virginia-Washington DC-North & South Carolina-Georgia-Florida

Sharps Disposal | Needle Disposal | Medical Waste Disposal | Biohazard Disposal

Baltimore MD | Rockville MD | Richmond VA | Bethesda MD | Virginia Beach | Gaithersburg MD | Alexandria VA | Arlington VA | Fairfax VA | Silver Spring MD | Bowie MD | Columbia MD | Annandale VA | Montgomery County MD | Howard County MD | Atlanta Georgia | North Carolina | Washington DC | Maryland

Welcome to Local Medical Waste Disposal & Biohazard Waste Management. We are the local authority on Regulated Biohazard & Medical Waste Management. We are a leading full-service company handling medical waste disposal on the East Coast from Maryland to Florida. We are a trusted & recognized group of small independent waste transporters privately owned and operated acting in afflation to deliver expert and affordable waste disposal solutions on the East Coast. 

We began operations servicing the Washington DC & Metro areas and quickly moved to servicing most of the East Coast. We have developed & operate in cooperation with regional affiliate haulers in areas we can't physically service. Using the leverage of our size and volume we have built in wholesale prices that we pass onto you the customer. from our local operations & our unprecedented network of affiliate haulers we are the Physician's Choice for Sharps & Biomedical waste management from Florida thru Maryland and we will prove it every day with compliance, price and service!

Offering our customers economies of scale for, compliant and sustainable medical waste disposal - Our full service transportation and waste disposal covers all aspects for medical, needle and biohazard disposal service. We have a proven track record; providing safe, compliant and cost-effective management of all Regulated Biohazard Medical Wastes.

Expert Biohazard & Medical Waste Management Company In
Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina & South Carolina

We specialize in the expert management, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of medical and sharps-needle waste. We also provide services that include but are not limited to, the sales of sharps containers, red biohazard bags, waste handling products, OSHA training and waste stream management. We also offer value added consulting services for a variety of customers in the medical, clinical healthcare industry. We work every day, to provide our customers with an affordable, compliant waste disposal service with no contract or hidden fees. Contact us today and we will direct you to one of our many associates on the East Coast for a better medical waste management service.

  • Independent Medical Waste Transporters
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Hidden Fee's
  • All Services - Sharps, Biohazard, Needle, Hazardous Waste & More
  • Service Schedules That Work For You
  • OSHA Training & Compliance Programs
  • Biohazard Disposal Supplies
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Atlanta Medical Waste Disposal, looking for affordable Atlanta Biohazard Disposal. Contact us NO Contracts FREE Quote
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Maryland Hazardous waste, contact us for Hazardous waste, Biohazardous waste and medical waste in Maryland. Free Quote on Waste Disposal Services
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Maryland Sharps Disposal and medical waste disposal company. Contact us today for Maryland medical and biohazard disposal, FREE quote, no long term co

Local Medical Waste Disposal & Affiliate Haulers
Serving The Needs Of Regulated Medical Waste For
 All Healthcare Facilities On The East Coast Large & Small


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Maryland | Washington DC | Virginia | North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia | Florida