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Biohazard Waste Management


Monday, September 09 2013

Never put needles or sharps needles in a medical waste box, without first being in a Sharps Container. Here is a great article discussing sharps and the proper use of sharps containers. In addition, proper packing procedures, for placing sharp boxes in the Medical Waste Box...

Click the link to read entire article...

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Sunday, September 08 2013

Local Medical Waste Disposal, was started to assist health care providers with medical waste disposal services. It is well known in many circles, of the few larger transporters who continue to keep a large hold on the medical disposal market. Our process has been to meet, process and work with providers thru out the Mid-Atlantic region. This networking has, allowed us to build a database of licensed-permitted-insured transporters, who work the Eastern sea board. please fell free to contact us anytime for assistance.

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Local Medical Waste Disposal & Affiliate Haulers
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